In the music video for Modest Mouse’s “The Ground Walks with Time in a Box,” Amy served as the Costume & Art Director.

Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock had been sitting with the idea of “stump lords” for some time; he wanted to tell the story of numerous kings who had stripped the earth bare of all its resources. Encouraged by Amy’s aesthetic, both he & director Jorge Torres-Torres approached Amy to execute his vision.

The story of the video necessitated the costuming of more than a dozen stump lords, a group of death-like “gliders,” a coven of angels, several mummies, and a handful of “kabukis” derived from the aesthetic of the “psychadelic clown geisha” from the Lampshades on Fire music video:

Amy mapped out the aesthetic of the costumes, designing and building them alongside her partner, Michael Lovan. Amy spent an entire month searching through scrapyards, hot gluing trash, and refining the look of each character so that they would belong to the same world.

In addition to shoveling cake and chicken into her mouth through bedsheets as a mummy, Amy also makes an appearance in the video as one of the lords.