FELT is a feature film which premiered at Fantastic Fest 2014 to rave reviews and the New Wave Best Actress award for Amy. It’s presently streaming on Netflix.

The American Film Institute has this to say about the film: Amy, a San Francisco artist, is haunted by a recent trauma that was inflicted by men in her life. As she veers dangerously close to a complete emotional and psychological breakdown, she plunges into the world of her art as a coping mechanism. She re-appropriates the male form by creating an alter ego that assumes power and domination. When Amy meets Kenny, a seemingly nice, down-to-earth guy, she decides to open herself up to him, hoping he can restore her faith in mankind. Blurring the line between narrative and documentary, director and co-writer Jason Banker uses the real-life art and experiences of co-writer and actress Amy Everson to craft a feminist film, which confronts rape culture and the micro-aggressions that women face on a daily basis in male-dominated spaces.

Everson is equal parts charming and dark, intense and silly, and the way she fiercely shares her fragility makes her a completely engaging protagonist. Everything about Everson, from her toy-strewn room to her voice, makes you love her. – Badass Digest / Devin Faraci

…oh my god you’ll love her in this movie. – Ain’t It Cool News / Harry Knowles

Everson is an immense presence in the film, moreso when you know she isn’t a professional actress. She starts out as a weird, damaged character but soon envelops you with her personality: quirky, odd, dark, creative, strong and yet intensely vulnerable. – Cinapse / Jon Partridge

Amy Everson, an enthralling artist and first time performer (certainly not last, she is incredible). – Fangoria / Samuel Zimmerman

…for a moment I thought I had misread the summary on Felt and was watching a documentary. Her performance as a traumatized young artist (also named Amy) is that real. – Paste / Tim Basham

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